Hidden Tracks

How about some photos and videos? (coming soon) This is like the secret door in a Castle room. Meanwhile, here’s one pic from 2009…

Track bib from 2009 Masters track and field world championships
M50-54 400m, 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships, Finland.

Backstory (hidden track #1): TEDx Talk from Kuwait…Speaker Agent told Jeff,

Dude, you’ve delivered 2,000 speeches but have no proof due to Disney’s strict ‘no recording’ policy. You’ve been in some of the biggest and most famous venues (New Orleans’ Superdome, New York City’s Madison Square Garden Theater, etc), we need to fix this. Are you okay if I pitch you for a TEDx Talk?

Ben Myatt, Thinking Heads Speakers Bureau (Madrid, Miami, Seoul)

Jeff agreed to it.

The TEDx Talk’s Going-the-Extra-Inch customer service breakthrough-reveal was a 10-minute speech. But Jeff wanted to use TED for a dual purpose: to showcase a variety of his trademark audience engagement tools. To play that out took an extra 10 minutes sprinkled throughout the content, plus…

An interesting note, first 90-seconds was unplanned audience energizer – not to be recorded.

Watch those first not-to-be-recorded 90 seconds, notice: (1) Energizer ingeniously turns into purposeful moment. (2) Exactly 90 seconds in, Jeff steps back in red dot’s center, takes a deep breath, and launches Talk with a simple question and profound pause.

.think .differently

Backstory #2 (hidden track #2): Jeff’s content and the paradigm-challenging methods he employs to share it, solve for literally any business issue you can name.

Jeff has a million (ok, maybe 500, lol) critical organizational leadership self-reflection questions. Here are 13 in five different threads:

  1. What’s the gap between your leadership’s current collective strength, and where you would love for the collective leadership strength to be? What do you gain by narrowing the gap? What do you lose (daily) by ignoring or under-focusing on this?
  2. What percentage of your entire organization knows why your company exists? What if that number was 100%? What’s holding you back from it already being 100%?
  3. Do your employees who never serve your end customers feel as though their internal customers are of equal importance? And do they prove it, judging by your employee survey scores?
  4. What grade do you give yourself for identifying every customer touchpoint? Does everyone consider that employees are customers too? Do your employee surveys clearly reveal a deep emotional connection to your leadership and your brand?
  5. Does every leader in your organization consider themselves in charge of creativity and innovation?

Can you envision a future where your answers to all these questions (and hundreds more) are world-class answers?

Free Resources: A 100-episode Podcast, personal 28,000+ post Blog series, and of course, TED. Jeff’s first Book is inexpensive.

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Updated: March 2024