Archery target
What is the supreme goal of every customer service interaction? Every employee not only knows, but has free, unlimited tools, and a clear, concise, and compelling reason to. Additionally, the organization prioritized operational standards to ensure world-class consistency across the entire enterprise.

The goal of learning isn’t learning, it’s action.

To know and not do is to not yet know.

Disney Customer Service is Jeff’s signature Keynote Speech. World-class customer service has four simple, powerful blueprints:

  1. The Bullseye
  2. 360-Analysis
  3. Unifying Goal
  4. Decision Tree

Here’s the simple, powerful foundation unpacked:

  • The Bullseye – establishes the supreme goal
  • 360-Analysis – provides unlimited tools to hit it
  • Unifying Goal – gives everyone a reason to
  • Decision Tree – creates organizational consistency

Summary, Jeff’s signature Customer Service content…

• The Goal • The Tools • The Reason • Delivered Consistently

Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker Jeff Noel
Here’s to the crazy ones. All three of them.

Greatest gift the C-Suite can give frontline employees and frontline leaders is this simple, powerful, world-class time-tested customer service architecture.

Clear, concise, compelling.

And when done excellently, competitive immunity.