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Baby Yoda toy staged on a mountain top
Even when unfocused, we know exactly who this is. A few others will recognize Glacier National Park’s iconic Clements Mountain in left-center, foreground horizon.

February 28, 2021, 8:33 PM…

This may sting a little. It shouldn’t, but it might.

There’s something in this for you if you courageously resist distractions and pay attention for another minute.

‘Cause this is gonna sound like i’m talking about me, but the conversation stealthly centers on you, and the nagging pain you’ve been carrying so long it’s part of who you think you are.

Deep breath…

Do you know your superpower? Do you use it? Wait, sorry, odds are low on knowing. So doing, probably only on a lucky day. It is what it is.

You have to have guts to publicly claim your superpower. You have to have vision, and ambition, to prove you use your superpower. In layperson’s words, you have to show tangible, game changing results.

Back to guts, three results: the Book, the TEDx Talk, and the Podcast all courageously disrupt historic dogma.

So yes, guts. And results.

Only preach what you practice. The world doesn’t need pontificators. Our world needs practitioners. And you, my new potential friend, need results. Period.

My superpower?

.thinking .differently

About everything, especially organizational vibrancy: Leadership excellence, employee culture, customer service, brand loyalty, creativity and innovation.

Supreme promise to you: you text or email a request to talk, we talk, and guaranteed, your mind gets blown before we hang up with a profoundly simple, different, and better way to re-think your pain points and the obvious (to a practitioner like me) organizational architecture that will reduce or eliminate your chronic pain.

You get the organizational vibrancy nugget for free if we never speak again.

You get the opportunity of a lifetime if we keep the conversation alive.

Playing to win or playing to not lose?

If not now, when? If not ever, why?

Fear, doubt, trepidation, all normal.

i know first hand. Just like you.

The only rational choice is to keep moving forward.

This is about you even though it doesn’t seem so…

Took three universal human beliefs and hated that they were insanely one-sided. Plowed through to the opposite (sane) side to destroy historic dogma that says mid life crisis, go the extra mile, balance is a myth:

  • Book: Mid Life Celebration.
  • TED: Going the extra inch is key to excellent customer service.
  • Podcast: Balance is not a myth.

+1 407-538-4341 — [email protected]

Note: Next TED Talk is entitled: Why thinking outside the box is a flawed concept, and what to do instead.

By jeff

30-year Disney & Disney Institute veteran, TEDx Customer Service Speaker.